2016-18 - work in progress -

2017 “Snow motion” 1 minute video

“Venetian Cat” 2 minute video

2016 “Hymn” super 8 3mins

“Lament” Video 3 m

“Too busy” Video 3 mins

“Too sexy” Video 3 mins

2015 “Viking Burial” Video 5 mins

2012 “On becoming a Mother” super 8 3 mins - screened by Artprojx in Verbier.

2011 “Positive Birth Video” 30 mins DV

2008 “Class” super 8 3 mins screened by Art Projx at Tate Britain

“Ode to Joy” 4 mins screened at the Louise Blouin Foundation

“Excite” commissioned by Eugene Skeef and the London PhilharmonicOrchestra

2007 “The Future Can Wait” 10 minutes DV screened at the Future Can Wait, London

2006 “Joe Perl” Holocaust survivor, video 45 mins commission

2005 “Terry” video 20 seconds

2004 “Rino Ramazzotti” 3 mins 2004 - screened at the Estorick Collection, London

2003 “Where have all the Gods gone?” 15 mins video screened at the BSR, Rome.

2002 “Bat Table” video 3 min, London Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival

2001 “CNC machine” video 5 mins, the ICA, Bloomberg

1999 “Me, Melissa and Eve” video screened at the ICA, London

“Dominique and Louise” winner of the Montreal Film and Video Festival

“Love Cereal” 16 mm, DV, 15 mins screened by 3 BTV

1998 “St Valentines Day” 20 mins DV Liverpool Biennale and South London Gallery.

“St Valentine’ Day” 5 mins screened at the San Francisco Fuse Film Festival

“May 98” 10 mins video DV

“Cows” 5 minutes, DV winner of Channel 4’s best 4 minute Documentary, Ch 4,

Canal Plus screening across France.

“Fan” super 8, 2 mins screened at the South London Gallery

“Aliens” video, 2 mins DV screened at the South London Gallery

“Pool” super 8 screened at the South London Gallery and Bloomberg

“Scala” super 8 3 mins screened at the San Francisco Film Festival

1997 ”Sushi” 7 mins 16 mm winner of the Halloween Society audience award

1996 “Negative Tape” 5 mins DV Notre Dame Church,London

1995 “Car relationships” 5 mins DV

1994 “I want you” super 8 3 mins screened at Notre Dame Church, London

1993 “Flat Mates” 5 minutes video, screened at the Notre Dame Church

“Love Box” 5 mins screened at the National Film Theatre

“T42” 1 minute video screened at the Sao Paolo World Film Festival

1992 “Un Usual” 20 mins video screened at St Martins, London